Patrice Scott’s favourite Alton Miller records

City mates and – now for the first time this month – label mates, Patrice Scott and Alton Miller aren’t two of Detroit’s biggest names but the city owes them both a great debt for their efforts in establishing its house movement. A busy 2018 awaits Alton as he readies a new album but before that he’s lined up All Things Good EP on Waella’s Choice and All The Little Things EP on Patrice’s Sistrum Recordings both out now.

To celebrate the purple patch, Patrice picks five favourites from Alton’s 25 year catalogue.

Alton Miller – Kind of Afro Red [NDATL Muzik, 2016]

This track was featured on Kai Alce’s 2016 NDATL Special Edition series. This record has stayed in my bag since I recieved this record. It works in any scenario. Its deep, soulful and groovy and has such a special vibe. This record will stand the test of time. In other words this is truly a timeless classic. 

Alton Miller – ‘Shine on Me’ [KDJ, 2002]

Originally released in 2002 on Kenny Dixon Jr’s KDJ label, this is one of my favorite Alton Miller tracks with himslef on vocals. The first time I heard this track I thought it was Larry Heard. Such eloquence and beauty as only a few can do. Alton is surely in that category.

Alton Miller – ‘Progressions’ [Guidance Recordings, 1998] 

The first time I heard this back in 1998 I nearly lost my mind (in a good way). Alton samples a track tiltled ‘Anger’ by Rinder and Lewis and he does it quiet well. I’m not a big fan of sampling but when it is done the right way I can definitely appreciate it. This track rocked the dance floor for many years and still does.

Alton Miller feat. feat. Niki O – More Positive Things [Adeen, 2016]

I was fortunate to get a copy of this limited pressing of Alton, teaming up with Detroit’s own Sky Covington on vocals. This deep, intensifying track sends shivers up my spine every time I hear this on a nice sound system. The driving percussion sets the tone for this track. Another one that stays in the bag.

Man Friday – Touch the Sound [Serious Grooves, 1994]

Here Alton releases under his alias Man Friday, showing his versatility by giving us more of a techy vibe. Many people are surprised to find out that this is Alton when I tell them. In my opinion, Alton is like Larry Heard. He makes many styles of music and most of it sounds very good. 

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