Premiere: Cabaret Du Ciel – Falasarna Exposure

A cult, new age ambient cassette from 1992 is being reissued to vinyl for the first time. Produced by Italians Andrea Desiderà and Luigi Morosin as Cabaret Du Ciel, it’s the debut release from Hybride Sentimento, a French label from Saulk (Mélodies Souterraines and Musiques Electroniques Actuelles) and singer/composer TryphèmeB1 ‘Falasarna Exposure’ is a supremely emotive track that offers reverberating balearic electro-acoustic guitar riffs with entrancing, metallic new age synths, evoking a palliative dream-state for the listener.

Cabaret Du Ciel – Skies In The Mirror LP is out 20th April – buy from Bandcamp.

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