Premiere: Shahara-Ja – I’m An Arabian Knight (Egyptian Lover Vocal Remix)

From the tropical dance floor grooves of The Yoruba Singers to the space-age explorations of Workdub, Melbourne’s Left Ear Records have a knack for uncovering musical gems that sit somewhat left of centre. One of those cult classics comes from Sydney’s Shahara-Ja. The mysterious musician, who was a regular on the city’s wedding and nightclub scene, originally released ‘I’m An Arabian Night’ in 1989 but with the record gaining little momentum, most of the stock was unfortunately destroyed.

But after Left Ear’s reissue last year the release began to gain some attention, most notably from Greg Broussard, better known as Egyptian Lover, who contacted the label asking if he could rework the track. It’s effortless blend of electronic funk and Middle-Eastern keys prove a perfect match for the electro hip-hop pioneer, who uses elements of the original session tapes, whilst weaving in his signature 808 kick and sleazy spoken word ad-libs.

I’m An Arabian Knight (Egyptian Lover Remixes) EP is out 23rd March – buy from Phonica and Boomkat

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