Premiere: Suzanne Menzel – I Feel It Starts Again

Suzanne Menzel’s 1981 album Goodbyes and Beginnings was her first, last and only release before she drifted into obscurity, only to be celebrated by the diggers and collectors. The Danish singer blended melancholic synthpop and 60’s inspired folk with futuristic rhythms, penned by Danish new-age pioneer  Klaus Schønning.

For their fifth release, New York-based Frederiksberg Records gives new life to the quietly celebrated rarity, lovingly remastered by Greg Reierson. With roots in Scandinavian jazz and electronic, Goodbyes and Beginnings represents a return to the roots of the label, which takes its name from the area in Copenhagen where label founder Andreas Vingaard grew up. ‘I Feel It Starts Again’ is the most primed for the dance floor and has become a new wave treasure for those outsider DJs with the keenest ears. Out-of-reach no longer, thanks to the diligent work of Frederiksberg.

Goodbyes and Beginnings is out now – buy on digital from Bandcamp or on vinyl from Juno and Rush Hour.


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