Premiere: Ginoli – Untitled

Long gone are the days when dreams of untold riches sent people west across America’s wilderness, but there are some abstract comparisons to be made with Good Company and their pioneering spirit in Australia’s westernmost city. Keeping to a strictly local roster is no mean feat in a city of Perth’s scope, but Good Company are building something for the whole country to admire. Cruise back over some of our highlights from their catalogue in Phil Stroud, Long Body and Phil Stroud again, with his debut album.

Eight up at The Company is the mysterious Ginoli, whose online footprint amounts to little more than a support slot for Al Dobson Jr in 2016 and a few demos on Soundcloud. No bother, when this debut offer is so accomplished. The eponymous track of his Untitled EP comes with sparkling rhodes, cinematic strings and a spongey machine funk bass line so ludicrous it takes its own solo just past half way.

Ginoli – The Untitled EP is out 10th Feb – buy from Bandcamp.

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