Premiere: Talking Drums – C60 Lato A

Just reading the press release for Talking Drums’ debut release, it’s clear there’s a Manchester connection. Maybe it comes with the territory of being disconnected from the rat race in London, but so much of the dance music that emanates from the city is handled with an outsider approach, never taking itself too seriously, but always of the utmost quality. Ruf Kutz, Wet Play, Hi-Tackle, Red Laser all cases in point, and now Talking Drums steps up.

Helmed by Patrick Ryder, he works behind the counter at Piccadilly Records and also pens many of the reviews that make their website one of the most enjoyable online sources of new music. His new label is pitched as “an unsafe space for poorly executed dance moves, misjudged vibes and narcotic bravery. Semi-Cosmic, way wonky and oozing grooves, this is music for the fringe class.”

On the A-side ‘C60 Lato A’ lifts some samples from a well-worn cosmic tape and warps it into a kaleidoscopic, off-kilter disco warmer. “Afro-electronix and space walking boogie”, to quote Kickin Pigeon, a previous Diggers Directory guest and another go to reviewer at Piccadilly Records, the kind of “wobbly cosmic tackle that brings on peak time enlightenment.” See what we meant about the Manchester approach? No-one does it quite like they do.

Talking Drums Vol.1 is out 2nd March – buy from Piccadilly Records.

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