Premiere: Mother of Mars – Seed 2 Sky (Graintable Remix)

After their old band The Rapture disbanded in 2014, Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi – its rhythm section – kept themselves busy. Now, they’ve returned as Mother of Mars. What’s more, Seed 2 Sky EP, their debut under this name, comes accompanied by a bountiful remix package that features a languid contribution from Portland’s own Graintable.

His is a respectful, considered reinterpretation that transforms the retro-futurist, Tangerine Dream-esque arpeggios of the original into a shimmering, glacial hallucination of contemporary ambience. These lush textures are initially quiet murmurs that merely hint at what follows. Slowly, they blossom into a chorus of cascading drones before retreating back into the cave from which they emerged. While it could be described on similar terms, Graintable’s remix is, in a sense, the inverse of the original. Where Mother of Mars employed sonics indebted to those of eras gone by, Graintable capitalises on the flawless digital sheen attainable in the modern day, and his remix is all the more disarming for it.

Need 2 Sky Remixes is out 9th Feb – buy from Bandcamp.

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