Premiere: Mytron & Ofofo – According To The Map

After two initial releases on Bordello A Parigi and Multi Culti, Mytron & Ofofo make their debut for French curators Les Yeux Orange with a five-track EP, Topography. Combining vintage gear with modern production tools, the London-Paris pairing connect disco, funk and zouk, in a similar vein to recent Rush Hour recruit Arp Frique. At has all the melodic and percussive hallmarks of the Caribbean islands, but the ample reverb and voice manipulation, gives it that ethereal depth-charge that Mood Hut and 12th Isle signing RAMZi does so well. If you’re into this, go meander through the tropical edits of LYO’s sublabel Good Plus.

Topography EP is out 12th Jan – buy from Bandcamp and Phonica.

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