Premiere: Beat Spacek – Ring Di Alarm

As a band in the early 00s, Spacek received such a slew of critical acclaim for their future facing sound that it’s hard to imagine how they produced anything under such a weight of expectation. In 2005, lead singer Steve White embarked on a solo career as Steve Spacek and with the single ‘Dollar’ produced by J Dilla, he continued on the Spacek path of making deeply soulful music that doffed its hat to the past but remained firmly focussed on an off-world, off-kilter sound of the future.

Progressive side-projects and collaborations with Mark Pritchard and Nosaj Thing have continued to characterise the prolific intervening years, while his Beat Spacek alias has made fleeting appearances on Ninja Tune. This brings us right up to the present day with his latest release that looks further back into his past than even his earliest music output. Inspired by the music of his youth and the sounds that helped shape part of his musical upbringing sees Beat Spacek reworking Tenor Saw’s iconic ‘Ring Di Alarm’. The dancehall anthem is flipped into a chiptuned, shape-shifting soul beauty, with his characteristic uptempo style, floating vocals and heavy bassline. 

Beat Spacek’s Ring Di Alarm comes packed with an instrumental and acapella version and is out on 1st November – buy the limited run of vinyl from Qrates and the digital from Bandcamp

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