Premiere: Medlar – Cascinari

The Medlar we’ve come to know through one album and nine EPs has taken on a rather chameleonic appearance,from disco edits, to sample-heavy soulful house, to the darker territories of 808 electro influences.  This varied palette is also a big reason for him being such a compelling DJ.

It feels like the last couple years have been particularly fruitful for Ned in refining his and his new EP for long-standing family WOLF Music is a case in point for this development. ‘Cascinari’ – named after his favourite restaurant in Palermo – harks back to the Motor City Drum Ensemble Raw Cuts era likeness of his first releases for WOLF, but there’s less dependency on soulful vocal samples to add character. Instead, the connection to the Motor City follows his recent 808 forays, harking to Omar-S’s ability to combine gritty drum patterns to dreamy synths. Add live drums to the formula and it becomes less an imitation and more a thoughtful interpretation from an adroit technician.

WOLFEP042 is out 6th October – buy from Juno and Piccadilly.

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