Premiere: Marenn Sukie – Found A New Love

While many labels proclaim eclecticism, the reality is often more a parade of drum tracks with a pick ‘n mix of found sounds thrown across them. Bristol based Banoffee Pies Records, however, seem to have been trying to almost redefine the term of late. With a growing catalogue of artists and spin-offs that don’t feel wilful, releases fall into multiple and far-flung genre boxes that would once upon at time, have only found a home on Ninja Tune.

Leading the charge and hot on the heels of his Cascades two-tracker for Arrivals Records, is Marenn Sukie who returns to Banoffee Pies with this ace new six-tracker on their new OTAKU offshoot. The Malinal EP is a selection of floating grooves that melds a deft touch on the drums with twinkling, swooping samples. EP opener ‘Found A New Love’ sets the tone for the whole with its smoky shuffling rhythms, jazzy orchestral stabs and nagging vocal hook. Definitely one for the late night beat lovers.

Malinal EP is out 29th Sep – buy from Bandcamp.

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