Premiere: Tommy Awards – Prometheus (Jonny Nash Remix)

LA-based Origin Peoples are a record label whose back catalogue flaunts a series of mixtape cassettes, so when a vinyl release enters the equation you know it’s bound to be a good’un. Laying claim to both the imprint’s first and second vinyl release are the mysterious Tommy Awards, a forward thinking music project led by Swedish multi-instrumentalists Jon Möller and Alexander Holm, who take a creatively free approach to making music.

As a follow up to the duo’s mid-June EP Inre Rymden, a selection of producers have been assembled to craft their own interpretations. Amongst those on board are Naples duo The Normalmen, Coyote and Polish producer Bartosz Kruczynski aka Earth Trax. Each of the five tracks magic up meditative qualities but the title track ‘Prometheus’, lovingly remixed by Gaussian Curve’s Jonny Nash, stopped us in our tracks. 

Captivating and enchanting from start to finish, the Melody as Truth boss and ESP regular induces total relaxation through sparse, twinkling keys and soft symbol strokes. An expansive soundscape is filled with a beautifully stirring saxophone melody, exhibiting the deep subtlety and simplicity that Jonny brings to his productions.

Inre Rymden Remixes is out 31st July – buy from Juno and Red Eye.

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