Premiere: Lockwood – Blue Heron

Brussels based duo Lockwood, consisting of Gert-Jan Haegeman and Billy Zandaap, have the uncanny ability to shift and mould their style. On their 2015 acid house inspired Let’s Talk EP, the two sounded like Chicago natives, yet with their debut on the newly-founded Belgian imprint Lemonade Records, Lockwood deliver a moody jazz and 2-step-infused house track entitled ‘Blue Heron’. Rhodes noodling plays a prominent role in the latter half, transmitting a calm that prevents the garage shuffles taking the track towards the club. Instead it gives the track a Berlin School of Electronic Music feel, similar to Manuel Gottsching’s ‘E2-24’.

‘Blue Heron’ is released on the Lemonade Records sampler, released in June, also featuring Studio 58 and Codie Currie.

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