Stamp Mix #83: DJ October

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Nearly two decades (sorry for reminding you Julian!) since releasing his first record and DJ October has established himself as one of Bristol’s most versatile producers. Never one to sit still on a certain sound, when we heard he’d put together a two hour mix focussing on disco, italo, post disco and acid we jumped at the chance to present it. Before headlining Sleazy Session’s 1st birthday in Bristol with a similar special set, we caught up for a brief chat.

This mix is a little different to what we might normally expect from you. Could you tell us about the idea behind it and any standouts?

The Mix was just me having fun and not being confined to one genre. I hate being pigeon holed and I’m a punk that discovered the disco basically.

It turns out you’ll also be showing this softer (/sexier) side at Sleazy Session’s 1st Birthday in Bristol on 8th April. You excited to showcase this lesser-known side of your collection?

Yes I’m really excited actually. Frankly, I’ve mainly been playing this kinda stuff since Berghain booked me for Lab.oratory on NYD. It gave me the confidence to do my own thing and not adhere to any sort of zeitgeist.

Beyond the party, what else have you got planned for the rest of 2017 you can tell us about?

I have an EP coming out on Berceuse Heroique, some more material for Skudge plus lots of new wavey jams forthcoming on my own OCT imprint later this year and another project I can’t mention at this stage but it’s exciting stuff!

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