Auntie Flo feat. Anbuley – Dance Ritual I (Lipelis Dream Dance Mix)

Auntie Flo follows up his Scottish Album of the Year-nominated Theory of Flo from 21015 with a remix package that doesn’t hold back in ambition. Clocking in one remix for each track on the original (plus a bonus live version of ‘For Mihaly’), Auntie Flo has recruited an impressive array of producers, including Mehmet Aslan, Kornel Kovacs, The Revenge & Dixon, Mark E, Africaine 808 and CAIN. Despite going all starry-eyed for the aforementioned, our standout was from one of the outsiders in the list, Lipelis.

The Russian producer made some ripples towards the end of 2015 with an edit EP on L.I.E.S, offering some left-field disco productions that felt just at home on Public Possession as they did alongside Ron Morelli’s catalogue of non-conformist dance music. For his remix of Auntie Flo, Lipelis reaches for the dream catcher, turning the two minute original interlude track into seven minutes of aerated bliss that Telephones or Young Marco would be proud of.

Theory of Flo Remixed is out 10th March – a collaborative release on Highlife and Huntleys + Palmers as part of H+P 10 years.  Grab it from Bandcamp.

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