Stamp Mix #80: Brame & Hamo

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Starting life in Sligo, Ireland Brame & Hamo are a couple of long-time friends whose work is becoming very comfortable within their new Berlin surroundings. They slot right into that dusty, jazzy, sample-heaving and soulful house being pushed by central European labels like Heist, Dirt Crew, Money $ex Records, ava. and Tartelet, not just through releases on the former two but their own Splendour & Squalour imprint too. We caught up for a light-hearted end of year Q&A and they’ve also supplied an hour + mix alongside. It’s the final Stamp Mix of the year, but a definite contender as our favourite, weaving through soul, trancey hip-house, head-nodding beats, jazzy samples, off-kilter percussive numbers and even a bit of disco shredding.

First, our usual ice-breaker. What’s your first musical memory?

Hamo – Well as I got older my memories have faded but I would have to say the one that sticks out to me is a show called “Yo! MTV Raps”. My older brother used to record it on VHS. It was such a cool show, lots of beats, freestyles and some comedy/skits in there. We had a good few tapes with some sick hip-hop videos on it also.

Brame – Apart from traditional music my first experiences with music were probably my cousin showing me Tiesto, Chicane, Paul van Dyke and all those guys. Used to love the clubland CDs too haha

Brame, a lot of your family are well-schooled in traditional Irish music. Would you say any of that has influenced your musical output together?

Absolutely. My Dad and brother are fantastic guitar players and my sisters are singers. Mum doesn’t play anything but she’s a great listener haha. Growing up around music definitely had an impact. I had a couple of years of lessons on the accordion and tin whistle but the traditional music wasn’t for me. I find myself loving it now when I go home though. Theres a huge festival in Ireland once a year called the Fleadh, it changes city every year. It was in Sligo the summer before we moved to Berlin. It was amazing. Great for the town!!

Since moving to Berlin, what do you miss most about Sligo and what are you pleased to get away from?

Hamo – Well I have to say the scenery in Sligo is hard to match. We’re close to everything, the ocean, mountains, forests, fresh air, family, friends. It’s a beautiful place. I would recommend everybody to try and get to the west coast of Ireland if they get a chance. Well since we are on the topic about nature, were pretty happy to get away from the constant rain. haha

Brame – man I miss good-crap food so much, when your in a bad way after a night of lushing, a falafel just doesn’t cut it. I need some sketchy €2 3in1 (Rice, chips and curry sauce). You usually get a drink and prawn crackers with it aswell. Having a filthy 3in1 and then going out and jumping into the sea is the best hangover cure in the world.

On the other hand its good to get away from Sligo to make you appreciate it, every trip back is so nice. Im pleased to get away from the annoying girls in nightclubs that steal your hat if your wearing one – That’s insanely common.

What with end of year lists being the in thing at the moment, here’s a few…

What’s your favourite Youtube discovery of the year?

Hamo – Not music related but definitely some of the Joe Rogan podcasts or the channel Vsauce. Some great comedians and educational in there. Nice outlet from making music.

BrameTom the baby couch – Sex raps
Hes a rapper from new mexico. Makes the sickest tracks/videos don’t sleep on him.

What’s been your favourite highbrow conversation of the year?

Brame – That whole lofi thing…. Chill out lads. If it’s a nice track, it’s a nice track.

Hamo – Well I think every political conversation I’ve had has been year has been highbrow. Nothing but conjecture. Haha Overheard many of them as well. Everyone seems to be an expert.

Favourite new item of clothing?

Hamo – – Ive been sacrificing my clothes shopping with records and stuff for the studio. Got some nice wilson socks though.

Brame – I got a beauty of a lime baseball hat that says Barcelona on it, in Barcelona. The guy in the shop told me all of the locals wear them.

Favourite new label?

Brame – Its not exactly new but very very fresh. Rhythm Section is absolutely killing it. Love all of their releases. Bradley seems to find all the best guys from around the world.

Hamo – Hard to choose but I’d have to say Money $ex and Rhythm Section would be up there for me. There’s a lot of cool new labels but those have been consistently releasing sick tracks.

2016’s most slept on track?

Brame – Uffe & VKTR – ‘A Song For All The Vapin’ Huneys‘. Absolute heat!!

Hamo – Its only out around two months old and I’m sure it mightn’t be slept on in the future but Pepe Bradock’s track “Boom Boom Crash” is so good. I think it has gone under the radar for most people.

Favourite new DJ and producer (one of each from each of you!) you hadn’t heard of before 2016?

Brame – I had heard of him before but never paid any attention. Rondenion is the man!!

Hamo – Javonntte. He’s a Detroit guy. Think he’s been around a few years but he’s put out two really nice house records this year. Great party tracks.

What new / young talent should we be keeping an eye out for in 2017?

Brame – Peter Brien, Nas1, Monomite, Schmutz, Am kinem, Or:la, Hubie Davison.

Hamo – There are so many. Byron The Aquarius, Nas1 and Paxton Fettel to name a few. They are making some cool shit. Hopefully a lot more I haven’t discovered yet also. Really looking forward to 2017.

Could you tell us about the mix you’ve made for us?

Brame – We recorded it in Hamo’s apartment. Its basically just a mix what we have been playing recently, new and old. Theres some hotties in there. A stamp out track is Hunee – Took my love. We have been playing it for years and it surprises me how many people don’t know it!

Hamo – There’s a bunch of new and old in there. A lot of tracks we have just discovered and some we regularly play. We wanted to make a podcast that represents how an all-nighter set would be from us. Of course it’s condensed down into two hours for listening purposes. A stand out track is Hunee – Took my love. We have been playing it for years and it surprises me how many people don’t know it!

And finally, what have you got planned for Splendour & Squalor and your own exploits in the new year?

Lots of time in the studio and on the road. Were hoping to get over the states and Australia this year which has been in the works for a while. There should be a release from us soon. we are working on lots of music and experimenting with gear that we have been buying recently. Hold tight folks xxx

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