Detroit Swindle’s top 10 disco tracks that normal people can actually buy on Discogs


The Robin Hoods of Amsterdam, in more ways than just their name, Detroit Swindle have taken it upon themselves to service the needy record collectors out there with a list of disco heaters that don’t break the bank. Why? Well aside from Maarten and Lars being two upstanding, well-to-do folk, they’re also embarking on their first full disco set in London this month, with Stevie Wonderland. Over to them to explain the theme and discuss each track:

“With the renewed interest in vintage disco, and Boiler Room’s set of revered artists boosting discogs prices to insane amounts of money, we thought it would be nice to share some killer records that are actually affordable for normal people. So here you go, 10 disco monsters that are cheap as f…”

Coffee – ‘Cassanova’

This track is as smooth as they come, but the piano hook makes it so addictive.

Freeze – ‘Southern Freeez’

Who can resist the combination of a Rhodes and a good bass lick? Another thing, this track is energetic and chill at the same time.

People’s Choice – ‘Jam Jam Jam’

If James Brown would ever make disco, it would sound something like this. The repetition of the hook is what gets you.

Mandrill – ‘Feeling Good’

A self explanatory track basically…

Johnny Guitar Watson – ‘I Need It’

This track gets us every time. His almost nagging voice with a smooth Rhodes hook and that horn section really does the business.

LTG Exchange – ‘Waterbed’

High energy disco from a great band. With a vocal hook that screams “party, party, party”, it’s no secret what it’s intended for.

Kasso – ‘Walkman’

Cheesy yes, but so tasty. Made in Italy, Walkman is a track that needs a bit of context to make it work, but when it does….

Lonnie Liston Smith – ‘Expansions’

That bassline man, that bassline…

David Bendeth – ‘Feel The Real’

Very underrated disco that ended up sampled by many. David Beneath produced and played guitar but the vocals are by Kung Fu.

Martin Circus – ‘Disco Circus’

Hailing from Chicago this is one of the tracks that paved the way for house music. With that underlying arpeggio it already hints to things to come.


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