“after dance” is a new photo series documenting clubs once the lights come up

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Those who have found themselves dancing til lights up, will know – all too well – the sobering feeling when face-to-face with your previously dark-room haven suddenly in the brazen light of day.

In her series named “after dance”, photographer Christin Mino embraces this ancillary side of the clubbing experience in Berlin, giving the space its levelling limelight.

By and large it was a good night if you were the there till the bitter end and the series very much induces those giddy feelings you had as you merrily sidestepped and hightailed the brutal aftermath. It’s a refreshing approach capturing a requited calm, very much in contrast to your typical, mid-dance, easy-on-the-eye post-party photo.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 02.57.53
See the rest of “after dance” here.

Source: Create Digital Music

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