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DJ since the acid house explosion of the late 80s, Chris Coco has been around the block a fair bit since then, as editor for DJ Mag in the 90s, co-presenter of late-night Radio 1 show The Blue Room with Rob Da Bank and founder of Melodica records. He’s also behind countless releases as a producer and compiler for Warp, Big Chill Records and Ministry of Sound, while maintaining his award-winning Melodica radio show. Much of Chris’ musical output is balearic in nature; unsurprising given the high regard in which he holds Ibiza. A man who’s clued up on the island’s history and current goings on, he’s a fine candidate to take us on a virtual tour.

“Ibiza is like my second home, I have been travelling there for years, I’ll be there for the whole summer season this year, being one of the residents at the wonderful Hostal La Torre, as well as making various guest appearances at other places, filling up with inspiration for the next Balearic comp and Coco album and making some new music.”

Chris Coco – How To Disappear Completely is out now on Disappear, also coming with remixes from Ruf Dug and Johnny Nash – pre-order from Bandcamp.

Download the mix

Check out the map and interview below for Chris’s favourite spots, while you listen to a 100% Ibiza mix.

Favourite places to buy records?

Can Vinilo in Ibiza Town (Avenida Ignacio Wallis, 50). Though most of the music world is now digital, there’s still a place for a slice of deep black vinyl. Find the latest underground offering here.

Favourite live music venue?

Ibiza Rocks Hotel. The combination of big names in a relatively intimate location, under the summer stars, will usually lead to a great atmosphere and a special show.

Favourite club / best sound system?

It’s toss up between Pacha and Space, but let’s go for Space this year because it’s the last year of the venue in it’s current form and all the soundsystems in there are phenomenal to the point of being a little scary.

Favourite outdoor party?

It’s a pretty mellow party, but those can be the best sometimes, Hostal La Torre. The perfect place for the most magical sunset, some wonderful food and a little too much wine with good friends.

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Best view of the city?

The long view on the ferry, coming in from Formentera. You need to get the big car ferry with the open deck to have the time to appreciate the unfolding view of the Old Town and the port. The best bit is coming into the harbour, you feel like you can touch the lighthouse.

The place to experience something unique to Ibiza

Chiringuito Amoríehh, right at the end of Talamanca beach, on the rocks. It has a little bit of old rustic magic, usually some real characters sunbathing on the rocks and that cosmopolitan, international feel that is quintessentially Ibiza. Get there early for lunch otherwise you will have to queue.

The first place you miss after leaving Ibiza?

The beach early in the morning, with the sun rising and the place just beginning to stir, it’s a magic, cool time before the intensity of the day.

Where will you find the friendliest, most interesting locals to have a chat with?

We’re back on Ibiza’s baby sister island, Formentera, for this one and a little bar called Kiosko 62. It’s the perfect place for una caÒa and a chat. The layout means you have to sit next to someone you don’t know and the music and the location make a sense of freedom inevitable.

Best place to see another medium of art other than music?

Try Urban In Ibiza, an annual art event, happening every August, at Atzaro Agroturismo (Sant Joan KM 15). Even if you don’t find any art you like you will certainly be bowled over by the beauty of the venue.

Best local grub

Sa Platgeta (Playa De Mitjorn, Formentera). This place is just lovely, right on the edge of the beach but hidden from the wind and sun in the trees. The serve great, fresh, simple food, mostly fish, and make their own hierbas too.

Is there a person (dead or alive) who encapsulates Ibiza for you?

It has to be my DJ hero, Jose Padilla. He is the most gentle, lovely man with a wild spirit and a huge, never-dimming passion for music and life.

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Could you tell us a little about the 100% local mix you made for us?

This is a mix featuring a selection of laid back Ibiza music, it’s all got that sunset or lazy afternoon feel and it’s all genuine Balearic gear. The first track by Afterlife and Ibizarre is a newly discovered gem from back in the day, there’s the great go-to party starter Dangerous from legendary DJ Pippi and a few classics. Overall vibe: chilled out with a sunny outlook.

What do you think are some common misconceptions about Ibiza music culture?

Oh, just the usual thing that it’s a dumb, bling party island – which it is – but there’s so much more to the place: the nature, the ëproperí music, actual Spanish culture, great food, friendly people from all over the world taking a break and making friends. Little moments of magic in the sun with great sounds, no expectations. A simple life.

What should people actually be appreciating about Ibiza music if theyíre not already familiar?

The Balearic sound for me has always been about the mix of familiar and unfamiliar, the blend of a bit of a crazy dub of a pop tune from you childhood next to a slowed down techno record, next to a Nigerian 7î next to a 60s psychedelic instrumental next to the latest piece of modern composition out of Berlin. It’s about DJing as music selection for a moment rather than beat matching. It’s about grabbing something special out of thin air.


1 Afterlife & Ibizarre – Trancendental
2 Joan Bibiloni – Pinzells
3 Paco Fernandez – Halcon Vuela
4 Jose Padilla – Maybe The Sunset
5 Patrick Petrucelli – El Mambo Popular
6 DJ Pippi & JL – Dangerous
7 Valentin Huedo – Walk The Walk
8 Mark Barrott – Formentera Headspace Blues
9 Chris Coco & Ibizarre – Back To Nature (Ambient)
10 Javier Bergia – Gran Via’

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