Day 20: Al Zanders – Honny

Day 20 of our charity Advent Calendar in aid of Help Musicians.

There’s always a point on Christmas Day when everyone starts to slow down and slump into the sofa full of food and alcohol, taking in the heady yuletide spirit that sends everyone to bed in a good mood. Al Zanders has delivered a festive treat that invokes that same heady feeling, with a slow swung beat channelling a strong hip-hop aesthetic, whilst retaining the delicate pads and excellent jazz samples that made his Blind Jacks Journey release such a winner. ‘Honny’ lulls you into a lazy head-nod whilst exuding the same sort of warmth that you’d expect to find while drinking your Christmas whiskey in front of the fireplace.

Download ‘Honny’ from our Bandcamp. It’s pay-what-you-like, with all donations going to Help Musicians, a charity that supports musicians in times of crisis.

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