Junior – Edits From The Junior Stable EP

Months after it first aired on Bradley Zero’s NTS show, Chaos in the CBD’s Midnight in Peckham EP dropped all of a sudden in late August, a suitably meditative nod to the last of the summer sun. A nice surprise though it was, the release wasn’t nearly as out of the blue as yesterday’s announcement of the mysterious Edits from the Junior Stable EP.

The first release on the new imprint comes from the seemingly enigmatic artist Junior, introduced to us in the opening of EP’s lead track, as “Junior on drums, poems and small instruments”. As these words give way to the track’s looped Latin breakdown, so begins an enthralling exercise in dance-floor tension. With each whistle, cowbell and conga roll, ‘Junior Love’ draws us ever closer to the pay off. Then, just as soon as we’ve arrived, the track fades away and our desire to boogie is left only momentarily appeased.

That is until the B side, which jumps into the feverish afro-brazilian drumming and wild uninhibited rhythms of ‘Junior Gives Thanks’ before moving into the heavy headed sound of ‘Ohh, Junior!’. As lysergic sax and pared down percussion take over, we’re reminded of another Rhythm Section regular who bares a similar name.

EF001 is out now and available from Bandcamp. Limited pressing, no sleeve, no repress. 

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