Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Angola Louisiana (DJ K Re-edit)

Maybe it’s Moodymann’s doing, or maybe the link of Gil Scott-Heron to the dance music world is inherent in his exceptional ear for groove married to political and social commentary. Either way, Scott-Heron’s un-edited legacy is frequently played on dance-floors and anything to make a DJ’s life easier in this regard is certainly embraced with open record bags.

This edit from DJ K has had a lot of love already, its tempo is high enough for mixing but not so much that the original vocal is pitched up to un-recognition or that Gil’s low end vocal loses depth. The long tension built up to the introduction of the Rhodes piano is what makes the track (along with Heron’s silky silky vocals). Hoping to hear this out a lot in the year to come.

DJ K re-edits EP is available now, featuring an edit of Bob Marley alongside Gil Scott-Heron. Get it here.

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