YouTube Premiere: Julien Mier & Magical Mistakes – Divide, Multiply

A couple of months back, Canadian electronic brand King Deluxe celebrated their fourth birthday with an album that showcased many of their featured artists. Classifying themselves as an ‘audio-visual laboratory’, the globe-spanning compilation summarised that exact sentiment perfectly. The tracks that stood out as our highlights were undoubtedly Muta‘s ‘At Night‘, ‘Spring Ephemeral‘ by Himuro Yoshiteru, and Julien Mier‘s collaborative work with Magical Mistakes for ‘Divide, Multiply’.

What is more, the King Deluxe label teamed up with animator Keita Onishi to create an innovative music video for ‘Divide, Multiply’, which we are proud to be premiering on YouTube for all the world to see. The final result is a seriously aesthetically pleasing work of videographic art, living up exactly to King Deluxe’s ‘audio-visual laboratory’ manifesto. With its geometric simplicity, and cog-like machinery driven by symmetrical beats, the video instills the utmost satisfaction deep within every viewer.

‘Divide, Multiply’ features on King Deluxe’s Year Four compilation, which is available to buy now.

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