Simon Cowell’s DJ talent contest gets the go-ahead

Simon Cowell

In what must be some sort of practical joke gone wrong, Simon Cowell’s DJ talent show is actually going to be televised. Thankfully it’s on Yahoo Screen, an online channel, so there’s no danger of flicking onto it by accident when searching for the Eastenders omnibus.

Ultimate DJ was first posed as an idea three years ago, and we’re surprised it only took this long to find a host channel. Viewers will vote using a system on Tumblr, based on some live and pre-recorded mixes on the show. Approached by Cowell to be involved, Fatboy Slim said ‘F*ck off, no – that’s a terrible idea’.

The world doesn’t particularly need another EDM DJ polluting the airwaves, but we’re certainly looking forward to not watching these inflated egos press play on their mixes. Highlights of their cake-throwing antics will surely be on Youtube at some point!

PS. Notice the lack of hyperlinks in this news piece. You’ll have to work a bit harder if you want to find more info on this story. 

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