Five Records That Inspired Glenn Astro’s Forthcoming Album

Having amassed a number of releases under labels like Tartelet, Box Aus Holz and of course our favourites WotNot Music, it’s Glenn Astro‘s honed ear for a groove that has also made him a much sought after collaborator. Astro’s sumptuous house-led productions emanate strong elements of jazz and broken beat, with blends of soul and hip-hop all showing his ability to touch many corners of of the musical spectrum

We’re brimming with excitement to welcome Glenn to our BYO Bristol Christmas party, joined by burgeoning talent K15. With news he’s also working on an album, he’s filled us in about some other records that inspired the creative process. If you’d rather listen as a full playlist, head here.

“These aren’t necessarily my all-time favourite albums, but I found myself listening to them quite often while I was making my own album…”

Steve Kuhn – Steve Kuhn

Unfortunately I only have this as a weird Japanese CD version, that is also quite hard to find, but I’d rather have it on vinyl and still regularly check the internet for available copies. Nevertheless it’s a beautiful record! It also features Airto Moreira on percussions, Billy Cobham on drums and Ron Carter on bass. Very strange, but at the same time almost ordinary sounding. You have to hear it to get the idea! ‘The Meaning Of Love’ is just heart melting!

Jeff Phelps – Magnetic Eyes (1985)

I’m probably a little late on this… I found this one completely by accident as I was clicking through YouTube videos and eventually landed on ‘Hear My Heart’, which is an insanely cheesy lo fi 80’s video that apparently was produced to promote this album. I went on to check out the rest of the tracks on it and ended getting the repress. Kinda ahead of its time but also very 80s sounding, ranging from smooth RnB / boogie stuff to some proto-house. Another stand out for me is definitely ‘Don’t Fall Apart On Me‘ and ‘On The Corner‘.

George Duke – The Inner Source (1976)

This one is definitely for the Fender Rhodes heads! I can’t really put my finger on it, but something about the sound of this record is just captivating. It’s not entirely my thing, but some of the songs on this are absolutely amazing – ‘Au-Right’ and ‘Solus’ to name just a couple.

Leong Lau – That Rongeng Sound (1977)

Another record I found only by accident, but keep coming back to. ‘City Blues’ is the jam! The whole thing is worth checking! It also got re-pressed recently.

Franke & Son – Random Funktion (2014)

This one got seriously under the radar for some reason! It’s basically the one-man-band Max Graef on production (keys, drums, bass, synths) and his father Gerry Franke on guitars! Ranging from disco to funk and jazz to fusion and rock. Insanely well produced and played!

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