Prequel – The Test Dream

Melbourne-via-Peckham house isn’t something that falls into your lap every day, but neither does slow, twinkling jazz-infused house, so the old adage of “good things come to those who wait” stays true. Freshly minted on an EP on Bradley Zero’s label Rhythm Section, ‘The Test Dream’ chugs along nicely with a light dusting of piano building up into a more full on jazz workout, until everything floats up into the air and comes smoothly back down to earth to round things off. This ones already caught the ears of Gilles Peterson, so keep an eye out on the sequel (see what we did there??) from another strong producer from Melbourne’s criminally under-celebrated scene.

Prequel – Polite Strangers EP is out on 10th November and available to pre-order from Bandcamp.

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