Ekranoplan – Coil

The ekranoplan is one of the most famous examples of a ground effect vehicle (GEV), designed by the Soviets and known as the ‘Caspian Sea Monster’. A beautiful example of Cold War Engineering, for a time when fear drove technological innovation to beyond what people thought man could ever achieve.

27 years later then, two Bristol producers pay homage to 350 tonnes of Russian innovation. In the cold musical war at the moment, those who want to stand out have to innovate, create sounds and textures that haven’t been thought of, let alone heard. ‘Coil’ is a perfect slice of New, with its sharp menacing drums and an ever-winding synth line that seems to hold you in a tense grasp for the whole track until you feel that you might be close to ground effect yourself; floating just above the dancefloor/chair/bus seat.

The similarities don’t end there. Just as the Soviets hid their invention from the US, Glasgow’s All Caps Records have kept the lid on the producers behind it. But it all gets out in the end. A video released this week of two familiar faces drinking tea and eating an apple, revealed the two mad scientists to be Kowton & Julio Bashmore.  So say what you like about ‘Au Seve’, because this is brilliant.

Ekranoplan – Wing-In-Surface Effect EP is out later this month on vinyl via All Caps. Pre-order at Red Eye or Boomkat.

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