Bristol Spotlight: Seka & Summits B2B

simple things pardon my french

It’s been a minute since we first featured Seka and Summits in their respective Bristol Spotlights. Since then we’ve been keeping a close eye on them so we were delighted to see them pop up on the Simple Things lineup together. We thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with them again, and get them to team up in a special B2B mix. See what they had to say and check the mix below.

Catch Seka and Summits playing the Pardon My French terrace at Simple Things Festival next week (check out that view above), situated on top of Colston Hall. View the full, hard-to-believe lineup here, and grab tickets from Crack Magazine.

Download Summit & Seka’s B2B Mix and check Soundcloud on Friday for the tracklist.

What have you been up to, musically, since you last guested on our Bristol Spotlight?

Andy (Seka): I’ve had a bit of a break from music over the summer actually. Not really a planned break, but productivity was definitely lower, and I wasn’t really happy with a lot of the stuff I was making so thought I’d relax on it a little. On a non-dance front however, I worked on a couple of ambient songs with an old friend that are produced with the intent of accompanying moving image as he’s in touch with a few labels for that sort of thing.

Joe (Summits): We’ve been working away on some new material, including a couple of remixes (watch this space). We’ve been chatting with Billy Disney (also on the Jack Music Agency and signed with Pets) and we’ve worked on a remix of his Rum Punch track. He’s also in the middle of remixing one of ours, so hopefully we’ll be able to put those out into the public soon.

We hear you’re doing a collaboration together. How’s that going? Any ideas what sort of form it’s going to take?

A: It’s not been worked on since around July I think, but we plan to finish it soon. It started when we were borrowing studio space for the day and I took my huge synth along. Joe provided the tech wizardry and the beats etc, and I just messed around with some crazy arpeggiators over the top and it turned out to be about ten minutes long. I can’t actually remember what it sounds like, but definitely let my techno side come out which is something I don’t do too often.

J: As Andy mentioned that’s taken a back seat recently, we’re going to revisit it and see where we can take it.

How was it recording the B2B together?

A: It was great. I got to do some laundry, record the mix, and have my dinner made for me all at once. It worked out really well actually with the tunes. We just kind of vocalised what we wanted to do, then had a play around for an hour, and did it in one take after that. It was nice to get some brand new records in there.

J: Definitely a lot of fun. We didn’t really plan it much, just sat down and introduced each other to a bunch of recently found tracks, then went straight to record it.

Are there any home-made tracks in there we should look out for?

A: You will find a Summits song near the beginning. I was going to put a new demo in but it isn’t mastered and didn’t quite fit the vibe.

J: We managed to slip in one called Records & Tapes. It’s near the start and pretty chilled out. The vocal is from an old friend called Miele Passmore (who has some great solo music by the way). She’s been kind enough to give us a bunch of her vocals, so we’ll definitely be using them in our future productions.

You’ll both be playing the Pardon My French stage at Simple Things on a roof terrace above Colston Hall. Looking forward to that? Anyone else you’re looking forward to seeing?

A: Extremely excited. I don’t think anyones played up there before, and everyone playing is a friend so should be a lot of fun. Plus I’ll get a free ticket to the festival, and I think the guys have really done well in revamping it. Personally I’m really gutted that Moderat aren’t able to play any more, but still we have The Field, Pantha Du Prince, Jon Hopkins, and MCDE.

J: Massively looking forward to it. It’s an incredible lineup for such a young festival and we’re lucky to be a part of it. Really looking forward to seeing Jaar of course, Jon Hopkins, MCDE and Andre Bratten are all on the list too.

Where can people catch you live, post Simple Things, and have you got any new releases we should look out for?

A: I believe we’re both playing at Sanctuary (October 18th at Lakota) with Leftwing and Kody headlining. My release on She Wolf is finally out on 1st November which will be nice to get out there as it’s been delayed since Spring.

J: We’re doing a few gigs around Bristol in the coming months (Sanctuary @ Lakota on Oct 18th), still working away on original material and pushing it up to local labels.

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