Ragz Nordset – You Started It All (Ron Basejam Rework)

Ron Basejam

NuNorthern Soul first caught our eye at the beginning of this year, with an imaginative release from BJ Smith. Covering two hip-hop classics, Dedication to the Greats EP added some extra soul to Mos Def’s Umi Says and Pharcyde’s Running, both definitely worth a listen if you haven’t yet. So although we’d never heard of Ragz Nordset, when NNS sent over news of their latest release we were pretty confident it would be worth a listen. Well that, coupled with the fact that it featured Ron Basejam, the man behind one of our favourite remixes of last year. If you’re looking for a repeat of his remix of It’s You, you’ll be a little disappointed, but then you’ll be missing the depth of Basejam’s tastes and talent. Building on the soulful tip of BJ Smith’s release, Basejam brings Nordset’s ethereal, Norse-accented vocals to the fore and slows it down to a Nicolas Jaar-like plod. The effect is more of a Balearic slow-burner than a strictly dancefloor groove, more suited to a beach set at a European festival than a dark club.

This rework is part of Ragz Nordset’s Sleepdancing Remixes EP, which also features a faster dub version from Ron Basejam and a remix from NNS’s BJ Smith. It’s out on 3 June and can be pre-ordered from NuNorthern Soul’s Bandcamp.

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