Preview: RBMA x Major Lazer Carnival Party (Doc Daneeka Interview)

Label:  Ten Thousand Yen / Ramp / 50 Weapons
Chilled House/Techno
Members: Doc Deneeka
Sounds Like:
  HackmanMount KimbieBurial  
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Doc Deneeka recently collaborated with Benjamin Damage, which we featured a few months back, so when we heard he was part of RBMA and Major Lazer’s Carnival Party, we caught up with him for a few words. Read about it below and have a listen to another collaboration with Abigail Wyles we’ve got on repeat at the moment.

Doc Daneeka plays the Red Bull Music Academy x Major Lazer Carnival Party at Notting Hill on 27 August. Free tickets are released 16 August via 

Your name comes from a fictional character in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 –  is there a reason you chose that character’s name?
I read the book when I was 16 and loved it – I always wanted to use one of the names. He’s a dickhead, so I went for it.

Would you say there’s any Welsh influences that might have trickled into your music?
Perhaps, but only through minor geographical isolation. I think not growing up listening to pirate radio means you develop your own specific idea on music, so it was our crew that defined what we understood as music

You started music playing in bands, so when did you cross over into producing Electronic music by yourself?
It was just when I was getting sick of relying on other people to work with. It also coincided with going out more and hanging out with girls, rather than been fully on some male rage hormonal thing.

You collaborated with Benjamin Damage on the album They! Live on Modeselektor’s label 50 Weapons. Where and when did you meen B.D. and how did Modeselektor get in touch?Is there a specific way that you approach producing music?
I go totally on instinct on the day, which is why my tunes come out pretty different sometimes. I just try to be as honest as possible in my music – the only thing I pre-plan is samples I hear and want to use. Ben and I have known each other for years – in fact he taught me how to use all the music software. We’d actually collaborated in the past and were always in regular contact with music so I suppose it was a pretty natural thing. We did Creeperand Modeselektor were straight on it and offered us the album deal pretty soon afterwards.

Dream collaborations?
Nina Simone.

You also run your own label Ten Thousand Yen. How did that come about and what are the next releases on the label?
It was conceived by me and one of my best friends. We were sitting on a tonne of good, unreleased music and we’d spent many long nights smoking weed and talking about running a label. While driving a rickshaw in India we figured it was a good idea. Next release is an amazing 12″ of classic-vibe House from Chesus (House alter ego to C from C.R.S.T / Metabeats and Darkhouse Family). It’s really sick and can’t wait for everyone to get hold of it. After that it’s xxxy with a scorching 12″.

Tell us a bit about how you got involved with the Red Bull Music Academy?
A friend of mine called me up the final day of the applications and told me I had to apply. I did and I’m grateful to him.

Have you met any musicians through RBMA that you’d like to work with in the future? I’ve met a lot of great friends through Red Bull. I’ve remixed Uma and Sizzarr and there will definitely be some collabs when it’s album time for me!

Plans for the rest of the year, we hear a solo album is on the way?
Yup. I’m just finishing a 12″ for 2020:vision then it’s album time (I think)

Give us 3 of your favourite artists at the moment that we won’t have heard of?
That you won’t have heard of? Hmmm … Chesus, Don Draper and Velodrome.

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