New Artist: Willis Earl Beal

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Willis Earl Beal
Sounds Like:
Jeffrey Lewis, Gil-Scott Heron, Tom Waits

Willis Earl Beal is a Chicago-based, Antifolk musician whose brilliance has earned him a deal with XL recordings and their new imprint Hot Charity. He is famous in and around Chicago for handing out flyers that have his phone number on them. Those fortunate enough to receive the one can then ring him and be rewarded with a song down the phone. Those less fortunate can head to his website where he has left his number and address. Ring him for a chat and a song, or mail him for a drawing. His songs sway from beautifully tender and vulnerable lo-fi recordings to powerful, soulful vocals over samples, guitar, or sometimes just clapping. His cassette-recorded debut Acousmatic Sorcery graces us with its presence on April 3rd. We’re excited.

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